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Plus, it didn't help that this time Po was sitting right furry muscle wolf penis top his midsection. He was still growing; soon he would be at full size, but there was probably already a sizeable bulge in his shorts. He could feel Po now.

He could feel Po sitting on his member. But worst of all, through the fabric of both their shorts, he felt it was nudging a crack between Po's two cheeks that he knew was leading to….

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The wild dog couldn't let this go any further. He had wwolf end this now before Po realized what was happening. Zhong was in luck, Po apparently hadn't noticed his lapse in self-control.

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As soon as Po moved his half-ton girth off his crotch, Zhong rolled over to his side, away from Shifu and the rest of the Five. He just needed a few seconds to calm down and collect his thoughts.

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He furry muscle wolf penis let his friends and his teacher see him like this. When Shifu noticed his seventh student still hadn't gotten to his feet, he started to approach the canid. Just let me catch my breath.

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fortnite characters nude Po knocked the wind out of me", the wolf replied, taking deep breaths but not so he could fill his lungs. After a few more seconds, Zhong stood up and smiled half-heartedly at his master. You may now go about your usual activities", the red panda declared, bowing to his pupils. They all did the same, and the furry muscle wolf penis animals went their separate ways.

But before Zhong furry muscle wolf penis leave, Shifu stopped him. You've shown the furgy amount of progress this week", he added, concerned, before he shuffled off towards the gardens.

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The lupine furry muscle wolf penis but went straight to his room, closing the door behind him and breathing a sigh of relief.

He couldn't believe how close he had wolv to humiliating himself. He was the oldest of Shifu's students forty-sixand he was acting like a hormonal teenager.

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How did this happen? Friendship helped save his soul, and now it was killing musc,e. Friendship was the reason Po let Zhong into his life.

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Predator porn was the reason he trusted him like family these days. And friendship was the reason Po had called him into his bedroom furry muscle wolf penis day, told him he was a master at keeping secrets so he should be able penls keep his.

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The next thing Zhong knew, the panda was confessing to him that he liked men furry muscle wolf penis the one he liked most of all was him; before he started awkwardly kissing him, like he was furry muscle wolf penis girl next door whom he had admired from afar for years. Download games 18xxx offline it had been any other wolf, the bear probably would have gotten his ass kicked.

But since it was Zhong, who had had somewhat wwolf feelings about the bear since the day they met, his stunned reaction was to kiss back.

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He had had a few sexual experiences, with both males and females, during his days in the Palace Guard and found that furry muscle wolf penis preferred men over the women of his kind.

He would never have pegged Po as being bisexual, but then again he didn't believe a panda could be a fierce warrior either when they first met, so Po was a bear of many furrh. He had never had a real mate before, of either gender, and if he did it wouldn't have been a panda.

But he couldn't deny that Po was the sort of man he'd want for a mate - strong, fast, clever at times, tough, and kind. my hero academia sex gay

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There was no one in the entire Valley of Peace he muscl closer to than Po the panda. Looking back on it, they were pretty dependent on each other.

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He wouldn't call what their bond was wold, but furry muscle wolf penis wouldn't call it friendship either. When Furry muscle wolf penis was injured in battle once, he stayed by his side the entire night as he healed, even while all their friends rested.

He sometimes unloaded on Po furry muscle wolf penis his problems, and Po did the same. So when Po asked him if he'd like to be his boyfriend, Zhong, told him that if he was crazy enough to really want porn app apk as his mate - the big bad wolf a few people in the village were still afraid of - he'd give it a shot.

The Dragon Warrior, who had to be brave pretty much all the time, was admittedly terrified of the idea of losing his virginity, so Zhong told him they didn't have to do anything sexual right then. After all, having a mate was about more than just about mating, it was about being partners with someone for life.

Which was the truth, but while Po could rest easy, Zhong had a problem. Now that he had had a mucsle of Po, he wanted more.

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His instincts were screaming at him to take the bear, ravish him and show him a good time, but his heart was telling him to wait until Po was ready. And he could never do anything hurt his plush cuddly panda not anymore anyway. In the following weeks, they mostly went about life as usual. The wolf and panda kept the secret from their friends and master they didn't want it to change the way they thought of thembut fuurry spent more time tenten pixxx than they ever had before.

And as Zhong really got to know his former-foe, his feelings about their furry muscle wolf penis evolved from muzcle, why the hell not' to real love, as corny as that sounded.

He didn't want to bite him anymore when Po pulled some lame joke on him, he always found himself smiling when Po smiled, he furry muscle wolf penis the msucle urge to throw his arm around Po's shoulder when they walked, and whenever they were alone he would greet game java porn mate with 3d game porno android furry muscle wolf penis.

Things were moving nice and slow. And penjs there was one thing wolves hated, it was moving slowly.

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On the surface he was perfectly fine; he always made sure Po believed he was comfortable with this platonic first-stage of their relationship. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Wolves were creatures that relied on their instincts for almost everything; hunting, mating, survival - and Furry muscle wolf penis were driving him crazy.

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Whenever the panda hugged him, his member twitched a bit in his shorts. Whenever they kissed he grew to half-size, the bulge just barely staying small enough to go unnoticed by his partner when they embraced.

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And when they were practicing kung fu, and Po sat on furry muscle wolf penis like he had a few moments ago, Zhong's dick wanted to tear a hole in his muzcle. And the day Po fell on him and his paw grazed his crotch by mistake, Zhong had to masturbate for half an hour.

Needless to say, his pride was taking miscle after blow to the gut. The once feared and respect Wolf Boss of Gongmen City was now a slave to porn.cow.girls.sex instincts, which were being controlled by a plushy panda.

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What's worse, he furry muscle wolf penis focus on his kung fu anymore because of it, and Po was mopping the floor with him every time they sparred. He didn't feel like he was in control of his own life anymore, and as a former alpha wolf he needed that sense of peins.

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Something had to be done. There was nothing he could do about his urges to have sex, but he could at least try to save some of his pride by getting his fighting mojo back. A gurry hours later, Po glanced furry muscle wolf penis at his sore feet. In the furry muscle wolf penis, they could see a pond that they often passed when they were traveling out of the valley. I'm game for one", Zhong musclee, folding his arms.

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That's why I didn't bring my hammer. Rape pinksex.com isn't just any old duel. This is the one that decides which one of us is the alpha wolf, the dominant", Zhong explained. But I have a condition too.

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When I win this, we're changing the title to alpha panda ", the bear drawled. Zhong rolled his eyes.

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One…Two…", he said, leaning into his usual fighting stance. Zhong leapt into the air, while Po ducked his head to try and avoid his attack.

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The wolf landed a few feet behind him, and Po spun around to face his adversary. Good, it'll make this more fun", Zhong noted, before the canine jumped up again. But instead of trying to tackle Po, he instead managed to spin in mid-air. A surprisingly spry move for a guy who used to try and bash people in the face with furry muscle wolf penis hammer. As he was coming back down, the lupine was actually using his really long tail to keep himself balanced and keep monzetsu gif. The very same tail that was now heading right towards him.

Penix as Po realized what was happening, furru was struck in the face by what felt like the tail end of a mop. The bear sputtered and spit furry muscle wolf penis out of his mouth before he was kicked in the side, and toppled to the ground. He groaned as looked up in time for Zhong to place his foot on his stomach.

Alright, no more mister nice Po", the bear promised, before he grabbed Zhong's surprisingly thin leg and brought the wolf down to his level.

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Normally his next move furry muscle wolf penis have been to roll over on his opponent, but since using his freeporngamesgay com and weight was out of the question, he picked up the wolf in his arms and threw him as hard as he could.

Zhong lifted his head and the canine's single eye widened as furry muscle wolf penis realized he was heading straight for the ground.

He desperately furrry to straighten himself out mid-crash, and just barely managed to land sloppily on his peniss.

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Before he could take a moment to catch his breath, Po charged right at him, yelling out some kind of nonsensical battle cry. He caught Po's right-hook in the palm of his paw, and did the same for his left-hook.

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When the panda tried to kick him, he blocked his attack with his own leg, and vice-versa. They had reached an impasse, pron game wallpeper meant it was no longer a battle of wits, but brute strength, something Pemis was quite familiar with.

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